Latin Name :  Menthae piperitae, Fam. Labiatae

Sensoric quality :  Characteristically pure and refreshing odour, pungent and burning taste.

Main constituents :  The essential oil of peppermint (up to 2.5% in the dried leaves) is mostly made up from menthol (ca. 50%), menthone (10 to 30%), menthyl esters (up to 10%) and further monoterpene derivatives (pulegone, piperitone, menthofurane). Traces of jasmone (0.1%) improve the oil's quality remarkably.

Menthol and menthyl acetate are responsible for the pungent and refreshing odour; they are mostly found in older leaves and are preferentially formed during long daily sunlight periods. On the other hand, the ketones menthone and pulegon (and menthofurane) have a less delightful fragrance; they appear to higher fraction in young leaves and their formation is preferred during short days.

Uses:  Use mint as flavored tea, or to add zest to marinades. Can also be stired into warmed apple or currant jelly for a quick meat sauce or dessert topping.

Medicinal Uses : ANTIFLATULANT, Colonic Disorders

Availability :  Leaves, Crushed, Fine Cut.