Latin Name :  Carum carvi L.

Sensoric quality :  Strongly aromatic and warm.

Main constituents :  Caraway fruits may contain 3% to 7% essential oil. The aroma of the oil is mostly dominated by carvone (50 to 85%) and limonene (20 to 30%); the other components carveol, dihydrocarveol, a- and ß-pinene, sabinene and perillyl alcohol) are of much minor importance.

Uses:  Much used in meat dishes, breads, and cheeses and also with vegetables such as sauerkraut. Rye bread is flavoured with Caraway. For an enhanced flavor, lightly toast Caraway Seed before use in cheese dishes or potato salad. It's also great for use in sauerkraut, soups, stews and spiced cakes.

Availability :  Seeds

Medicinal Uses : ANTIFLATULANT